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Build Your Own
Build Your Own Electronics Workshop is a value-packed resource provides everything needed to put together a fully functioning home electronics workshop. From finding space to stocking it with components to putting the shop into action -- building, testing, and troubleshooting systems Build Your Own Electronics Workshop has it all!
Build Your Own Electronics Workshop covers:
  • Select needed tools and equipment, from money-saving listed sources
  • Learn soldering from the ground up
  • Master circuit board and wiring techniques
  • Conquer electronics troubleshooting and testing methods
Introduction to basic electronics was given and hands-on training in building simple bots using kit. Line Follower Robot comes up with Basics of Robotics, a workshop on autonomous IR sensor based line follower robotics. Line Follower Bot aims to impart the concepts of colour sensing control to help the participants in developing automatic line follower robot. The workshop provides application oriented sessions, which will eventually culminate with the development of control of line follower prototype. Through the workshop, we aim to bridge the complex task of dealing with an autonomous robot, by means of fundamental and intuitive IR communications techniques. Participants will be able to apply concepts learned in the classrooms in new and interesting ways to create simple robotic creatures.
Incendio Robotics
PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Fabrication and Circuit Simulation is a device which connects multiple electronic components in a single substrate. It mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features. In the PCB Design Workshop, the participants will design the circuit schematic using PCB design software. After which they will be involved in practical sessions for fabrication and manufacturing of a real-time working PCB, using the designed circuit module from the software.
Programming and Interfacing using Arduino controllers Arduino - a popular 'Open-Source Embedded Development Board'- uses sensors, actuators and an integrated development environment for developing different types of projects. Workshop will help students to learn the principles associated with Arduino hardware and software. Training emphasis is given to applied knowledge of the principles by exposing the students to live working projects. In this workshop the line follower robot is made using arduino.
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